Growth Marketing Manager / Performance Marketing Manager

Growth Marketing Manager / Performance Marketing Manager

Clarity is the marketing agency of Revyrie, focused on growing a wide range of B2B and B2C businesses. Revyrie is a Los Angeles venture studio, with additional offices in New York and India. Revyrie companies employ over 150 industry professionals and proudly serve clients across the globe. 

Founded to drive growth for our portfolio companies, Clarity has expanded to offer its marketing leadership and execution to innovative startups and brands. We are seeking a Growth Marketing Manager to support growth marketing initiatives for our clients and companies.

Key Responsibilities:

Growth Marketing Strategy & Execution: Lead clients and their businesses to drive measurable marketing ROI through strategy, planning, and executional excellence across growth and retention. Perform competitor and market analysis to drive marketing strategy.

Marketing Leadership: Lead with our implementation teams to ensure planning, execution, optimization, and reporting are running smoothly and up to agency standards. Demonstrate the ability to see the big picture and the smallest details simultaneously.

Account Growth: Build strong relationships with clients through thoughtful account stewardship, including meeting agendas, follow-ups that foster accountability, and owning client project management boards with up-to-date briefs, strategy documents, reporting, etc. Maintain client satisfaction and resolve problems swiftly.

New Business: Fully understand Clarity’s marketing service offerings and how they can be leveraged to drive client success. Quickly understand a business’s marketing needs and provide support in the sales journey, including presenting initial marketing thoughts and audits.


Analytics & Reporting: Experience making data-driven decisions to continuously optimize for better performance. Analyze and identify key metrics that drive business growth and report on those metrics to stakeholders.

Meta & Google Ads: Past (or current) hands-on experience executing and optimizing campaigns, ad sets, and ads within Meta Ads Manager and/or Google Ads. Develop campaign strategies including targeting and placement recommendations, content themes and requirements, budgets, target KPIs, etc.

Email/SMS: Experience developing robust email and SMS campaigns on third-party platforms, from transactional flows focused on acquisition and retention to broadcast campaigns. Understand key optimization levers such as segmentation and personalization to optimize campaigns.

Communication: Excellent ability to communicate strategies, ideas, and reports to non-marketing stakeholders to drive understanding and collaboration. Simplify complex information for better communication.

Experience: 3-5 years in marketing, preferably in a Growth Marketing capacity. 

The Role:

This role reports to Revyrie/Clarity’s senior leadership team. It offers a reasonable amount of autonomy backed by support and mentorship from leadership. We are hyper-focused on activities that drive company and client growth without the fluff. We look at the big picture for clients wherever possible and solve for the fastest and most sustainable growth opportunities. This requires grit, confidence, self-accountability, and most importantly, teamwork.

We are passionate and excited about growing companies, and you should share that passion and excitement. If you’ve ever worked at or with an agency and thought, “this could be better,” we want to talk to you. If you’ve ever been on the brand side and thought, “we’re focusing on the wrong things to grow this business,” we want to talk to you.